Seasonal Fashion Trends

Fashion trends change as they gain and lose popularity, but they also change as the seasons change. This is obvious with fashion because the weather changes require us to wear either more or fewer layers. Changes in make-up trends from season to season are not as obvious.

You will find trends for the different seasons on the pages of this site. There isn't a page for trends in the springtime because spring is just a time when you can start wearing summer fashions. Autumn has its own page, however, because there is just something so distinct about the fall months that can't be lumped with either summer or winter.

Since trends come and go with the seasons, don't be afraid to experiment with your own personal styles for winter and fall. Someone has to come up with these trends—why not you? It's possible to both stay true to your own style and adhere to the latest trends.

women in grass

Warm Months

When it is hot outside, you are already going to have to deal with perspiration (especially in humidity) and sun exposure, you don't want to add “melting make-up” to that list. I find it is easier to wear minimal make-up in the summer so that it doesn't make your face look waxy or smear in the heat. Summer trends for make-up usually stick to minimal make-up and more earthy or skin tones for a natural look.

women with scarf

Cold Months

Thank goodness cold weather doesn't give us the opposite problem of hot weather—make-up doesn't typically freeze on our faces. Winter is a time for bolder make-up styles. Since your wardrobe typically changes to accommodate the cold weather, your make-up may have to change to match it. Winter is a good time for experimenting with different styles of make-up as well. Keep reading to get more tips for both winter and fall.

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